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Create. Discover. Register. Trade and Manage Token with us. AFFL Token is an open-source Token scaling solution that delivers a faster, cheaper and smarter experience for blockchain’s next billion users. We Are Part Of The Global Payment Revolution.

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AFFL Token Address : 0xdaa43b4881B7246dB60fff430fB84C390AfB6a82
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AFFL Token Chain - The future has arrived, let's scale it together

Welcome to Web3’s friendliest scaling solution out there. With AFFL Token Network, owning digital assets, creating smart contracts or exploring applications has never been so easy. With the help of Cloud Compute, users can truly experience the power of Web3.


Reduced fees

Up to 100x cheaper than the underlying blockchain


High throughput

Improved transaction scalability


Cloud Compute

Build smarter dApps by connecting to off-chain APIs

A new digital economy

The AFFL Foundation launched its native token $AFFL, designed to enhance Affl's advanced scaling infrastructure and create a true decentralized experience for users.


Cloud Compute

Add real-world data in real-time in your smart contract with Cloud Compute and create a dynamic user experience.


Multichain infrastructure

Launch your project on your preferred AFFL settlement layer and benefit from each unique environment.



Start building the next big thing on AFFL’s fast growing infrastructure of decentralized applications.



AFFL Network values developers more than anything, so they are provided with an unmatched set of tools to accelerate your project to the next level.


Build on AFFL and create more dynamic applications

Unlock the true potential of your project by building next-gen multichain dApps on AFFL with Cloud Compute. Leverage real-world data and more complex computation into your smart contract without breaking a sweat.


AFFL Token Marketplace is the world's first and largest NFT marketplace. You can list your own NFTs for sale on the AFFL Token Marketplace, and you can browse existing listings. Today, we’re proud to remain the largest general marketplace for user-owned digital items, supporting multiple blockchains, with the broadest set of categories and the best prices for new emerging digital item classes.

Create Your NFT


Dynamic NFTs

Meet our Professionals

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Addison Martin


Kathleen Brian


Charles Noah


Christopher Leo

Our Exchange Partners

Collaborating with partners and investors to build a thriving network is part of what drives AFFL Network forward. Over 400 investors, dozens of partnerships and leading blockchain protocols have expressed their confidence in Boba’s scaling infrastructure.